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Our Company has ancient roots, which sink deep into the history of our family, from more than 100 years.

The love for this work and the respect for nature have contributed to keep alive the original spirit of our company that is that of a real family in which passions and knowledge are handed down from generation to generation.

We are experienced agricultural brokers based in Italy.

Currently, we can boast of a wide portfolio of suppliers/customers in the sector of multiplication and trade of legumes, cereals and fodder, agricultural products in the italian territory as well as the european and the international territory. Customer/supplier management ranges from small traders to cooperatives, agrarian consortia, milling industries, pasta factories and multinational companies. We also deal with food by products destined for animal feed or biomanagers; in particular, we can support the management of the purchase and sale of food by products that may are they wet, dried, packaged, unpackaged, expired or not yet expired.

Professionality and experience are available to satisfy your every need!

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